2020 Year in Review: Responding to a Year of Change, Refocusing on Equity

2020 Year in ReviewToday we are pleased to announce COACHE’s latest annual report. Like many institutions and organizations, COACHE had to quickly adapt our work in 2020 to advance existing priorities while also responding to the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. We called attention to how COVID-19 has impacted the faculty community we serve, and re-oriented our work toward equity in a new way. We also shifted some of the ways we do our work—which is why you’re reading this annual report online, instead of in print!  

In 2020 we: 

... And so much more. 

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We also launched Deans’ Comparative Reports, a set of data tables for our Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey partners that allows school or college leaders to compare their own faculty to others within their institution or at peer institutions. With this addition we are proud to be expanding the potential impact of our data, at organizational levels not previously served.  

We invite you to read the annual report to look back on all of the insights and analysis that have come out of this unique year, and learn about where we look forward to taking COACHE in 2021.