Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

Through over a decade of collaboration with senior faculty administrators, COACHE has a unique understanding of faculty needs and the intricacies of life in higher education. Based on scholarly literature, interviews with faculty, and focus groups with senior academic administrators, our Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey was crafted by and for academic affairs leaders. 

    Faculty Insights

    Gain valuable insights through a customized, adaptive report that includes thoughtful data segmentation out of the box. 


    Benchmark your faculty's experience of the academic workplace within both internal and national contexts.

    Compare to Peers

    Compare your data against a self-selected group of peer institutions, as well as our pool of national results.

    We also offer an optional module for medical faculty, as well as the ability to incorporate up to 15 custom questions.

    Participation At-a-Glance

    We are dedicated to helping our partners make meaning from their results, and enact data-driven policy changes on their campus. For this reason, participation in the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey entails a three-year partnership with COACHE. Over the course of those three years, your institution will receive a survey and diagnostic report, along with regular consultations to senior academic leaders on how to make meaning and take action from the data. Enrollment in COACHE is open to all two- and four-year colleges, universities, and state systems.

    The typical administration period for the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey runs from early February through early April. The survey is administered only once in a given year. Enrollment for a given year's survey cohort is open from January - November of the year preceeding survey administration (e.g. Jan '21 - Nov. '21 for a Feb. '22 administration).

    Cost to Participate

    Research Universities

    $25,000 + $20 per FT faculty record (inclusive of non-tenure track faculty). Per record fees will be capped at $25,000. 

    Masters Universities

    $20,000 + $20 per FT faculty record (inclusive of non-tenure track faculty). Per record fees will be capped at $30,000. 

    Baccalaureate Colleges & Specialized Institutions

    $15,000 + $20 per FT faculty record (inclusive of non-tenure track faculty)

    Community Colleges

    $10,000 + $20 per FT faculty record (inclusive of non-tenure track faculty).

    Historically Black Colleges & Universities

    The base fee for participation is $4,900 for the entirety of the three-year partnership. 

    State Systems and Consortia

    Pricing for systems and consortia varies by institutional makeup and participation. To request a quote, please email us at coache@gse.harvard.edu

    Supplemental Fees

    Custom Questions

    Append the survey with up to 15 additional questions. $250 per question.

    Pass-Through Variables

    Include additional faculty record-level variable information in the Population File, and COACHE will return it in the data file. $100 per variable; five maximum.

    Medical School Report

    Opt to include a medical school, if applicable. Medical schools will receive separate data tables, including comparison data from other institutions as available, and are not included in the primary Report. Medical school faculty will be included in the Per Record Fee calculation as noted above. $7,500 for medical school report.

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