Our Approach

As a research-practice partnership, COACHE’s work is about more that delivering data that is merely interesting. Participation in each of our surveys entails a three-year partnership during which institutions have access to our team of researchers, a broader cohort of peer institutions, and access to educational opportunities.

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COACHE is a full partner in faculty affairs leadership. We will work with you to understand your institution's unique needs, walk you through your results, and provide guidance on next steps and best practices for achieving your strategic goals. By working with us, institutions find that they have built their capacity to lead data-driven organizational improvement.


Partners tell us that they come to COACHE because of our surveys, but come back because of our reports. COACHE staff are constantly improving how institutional survey results can be understood by faculty, presidents, provosts, deans, IR directors, NSF ADVANCE Principal Investigators, and other "consumers" of faculty experience data. COACHE provides intuitive, customized dashboards and tables designed with the needs of each partner institution in mind to support effective change efforts. 

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