New Offering for Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey Partners: Comparative Data for Deans

October 7, 2020

In our continuing commitment to make COACHE data not merely interesting, but actionable, we are pleased to announce today the creation of Deans’ Comparative Reports.

These reports give school or college leadership insights into their own faculty with the depth of tailored, contextual data for which COACHE is known.

Three levels of data are available depending on each school or college’s needs:

Deans' Comparative Report pricing: Tier 3 = $1,200 ea.; Tier 2 = $2,900 ea.; Tier 1 = $4,900 ea.

*For the 2020-21 academic year, costs are capped at $30,000 total per institution


Institutions can choose to receive reports for one or all of their schools/colleges and have the flexibility to receive a different tier of reporting for each. At the Tier 1 level, schools/colleges can choose their own peers, giving your deans deeper insight into their own faculty labor market.

Sample - Tier 2 report:

Sample report - tier 2

Download the list of peer schools and colleges available for benchmarking


To receive Deans’ Reports for your institution:

  1. Request an order form by Friday, October 23rd
  2. Submit the order form with your selections by Friday, October 30th

If you have any questions about the Deans’ Reports, or want to discuss what the best option might be for your institution, please see the FAQ section below or reach out to us at or (617) 495-5285.



Frequently Asked Questions: Deans’ Comparative Reports

In what format are these reports delivered?

Reports are delivered as means and frequencies tables in spreadsheet format (Excel). Each school or college will receive a separate file.


How will the reports be delivered?

Reports will be delivered to a central, pre-designated recipient on your campus who will then distribute the documents to their appropriate owners. We will use our secure file-sharing platform, NextCloud, to deliver these documents, as we do with the Chief Academic Officer Report.


What institutions are eligible for these reports?

Larger institutions, such as research universities, benefit most from these data because they have multiple schools/colleges large enough to disaggregate data without compromising the respondent identities. Liberal arts colleges and community colleges interested in this level of reporting should reach out to us to discuss your options.

Any partner who has administered the Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey in 2019 or 2020, or who will be completing the survey in 2021, is eligible to receive this deeper level of reporting.


How much do the reports cost?

Each report is a standalone product offered at a different price point:

  • Tier 1 (internal comparisons + cohort + 5 self-selected peers) = $4,900 ea.
  • Tier 2 (internal comparisons + cohort) = $2,900 ea.
  • Tier 3 (internal comparisons only) = $1,200 ea.

Institutions may opt to receive as many reports as they would like. Costs for the total order are capped at $30,000 for the 2020-21 academic year (e.g., if an institution has 10 schools or colleges requesting Tier 1 reports, its total cost would be $30,000.)


How do I order reports for my institution?

Simply send us an email requesting an order form. Our team will then send you a spreadsheet containing all of your schools and colleges, as delivered to us in your population file, in which you will indicate which level of report (if any) each school/college is opting to receive. If a school/college wishes to receive a Tier 1 report, there will also be a space for you to input the five selected peers.


How do I use the order form?

Once you receive your order form:

  1. Go to the Summary Sheet tab. Here, you will see your institution’s list of schools/colleges (“Divisions”) and Division Codes. Each Division Code has a corresponding tab in the spreadsheet. For example, code 1201 includes all schools of business. Clicking on that tab will show you the list of divisions included in the cohort data as well as the divisions that can be selected for a peer (Tier 1) report. You may share this list with your deans so they can decide which report type and peer list makes the most sense for them.
  2. After you and your deans have decided on report types, use the pulldown menu to select the appropriate report type for each school/college. The fee will automatically populate in the next column. If you opt for a report with peer data, you should list the five peers in the columns to the right of the report column.
  3. Return the completed form to COACHE via email at COACHE will generate a short-form contract that includes the report selections and total cost.
  4. Once the contract is fully executed, COACHE will produce reports and invoice your institution.

If you encounter any issues filling out the order form, please reach out to our team at


Who should be responsible for handling invoices on our campus?

All invoices from COACHE will be sent to the Provost’s Office or equivalent. We do not (yet) bill to individual deans’ offices; your institution must determine whether and how to distribute the cost of each of your school/college’s reports.


Are any cost savings available?

Although there are no discounts available, we are capping the total cost to your institution for all Deans’ Comparative Reports ordered in the 2020-21 academic year at $30,000. This can include any combination or number of reports.