Upon completion of survey administration, and after a brief period for data cleansing and analysis, COACHE partners receive access to their results through our comprehensive digital Chief Academic Officer Report. Designed for senior academic administrators and faculty leaders, this report provides internal and external comparisons on actionable matters in an easy-to-navigate format. Additionally, partners receive a hard copy summary of our findings, and can elect to receive de-identified unit-level data for deeper analysis of their own faculty's responses.

Comparative Data for Deans

As of October 2020, we are able to offer data tables that allow school or college leadership to gain insights into their own faculty with the depth of tailored, contextual data for which COACHE is known. 

Three levels of data are available depending on each school or college’s needs:

*For the 2021-22 academic year, costs are capped at $30,000 total per institution


Institutions can choose to receive reports for one or all of their schools/colleges and have the flexibility to receive a different tier of reporting for each. At the Tier 1 level, schools/colleges can choose their own peers, giving your deans deeper insight into their own faculty labor market.

Sample - Tier 2 report:

Sample report - tier 2

Download the list of peer schools and colleges available for benchmarking


To order Deans' Comparative Reports, email us at


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State System and Consortium Reports

State higher education systems, coordinating boards, and consortia receive additional analytical services in the form of tailored survey questions, system-wide comparative analysis, disaggregated results at a level not possible at single campuses, group presentations and workshops following delivery of reports, and more. If you represent a state system or consortium and are interested in learning more, please contact us at

Custom Reports

For an additional fee, COACHE can generate custom reports based on your needs. Custom reports requested by partners have included:

  • Results by gender among faculty in STEM fields, as compared to non-STEM faculty, both within an institution and compared to peers
  • A comparison of results among faculty who have participated in Teaching & Learning programs and those who have not
  • A deep dive into intersectionality within an engineering school, considering gender, citizenship, and sub-discipline -- with comparisons to engineering faculty at peer institutions

Here to Help

Our team is committed to impact, so beyond delivery of results we mentor partner institutions to apply best practices in creating meaningful change through data. One way we accomplish this goal is by brokering conversations between like-minded peers, including those you might not have thought to consider. The COACHE team is a full-service partner in interpreting and making meaning of institutional results throughout the entirety of your three-year partnership.