What will you do with the data?

The information from this survey will be used in several ways. First, your answers will be combined with those of others colleagues at your institution, analyzed and summarized in the aggregate. COACHE will generate a survey report that provides a compilation of all quantitative findings from your institution. The report will also compare survey results from your institution with five other COACHE institutions that were pre-selected by your institution as peers. Each report is several hundred pages long, with question-by-question summaries that highlight major findings relative to peer institutions. Differences by race and gender are also highlighted when sample sizes allow for it. This is extremely valuable information because most institutions need reliable data about what faculty members value and think of their institution. With this information, it is possible for academic administrators and others in your institution to identify areas where, the professional lives of faculty might be improved.

To raise awareness of issues related to faculty members, COACHE also uses the data to compile reports highlighting major findings and trends. These reports are available for download from the COACHE web site, www.coache.org. Some data may be put to use by researchers at COACHE for the purposes of scholarly publication. COACHE may also share individually deidentified data with researchers from other institutions for the purposes of scholarly publication. Some aggregated, de-identified reports and presentations will be shared with institutional administrators and faculty groups seeking to improve their academic workplaces.