Is research data stored securely? What data will be destroyed at the end of the study?

Your names and e-mail addresses are retained only for the sake of COACHE research, including reminding respondents to begin or to complete their survey, for limited and IRB-approved follow-up studies, and in cases where respondents specifically permit COACHE to retain contact information for future studies. COACHE will never further disseminate your contact information.  Otherwise, at the conclusion of the survey, we remove any links between the address and its associated responses.

For two reasons, the research data itself will be stored beyond the conclusion of the study on the secure servers of an approved technology subcontractor. First, storing such data allows the principal investigators on this study to conduct cross-institutional analysis, thereby allowing better perspective/analysis to participating institutions. This research data will be used (in an anonymous or otherwise "safe" manner) in publications and presentations, primarily for the benefit of participating institutions who request on-campus visits from the COACHE staff. Second, and more importantly, storing this data will form a baseline for future administrations of the COACHE Survey, a factor of significant value to participating institutions.