Statistical Reports

On occasion, COACHE releases reports that summarize descriptive statistics from our faculty surveys. These data are meant to inform the broader narrative about the experiences of faculty in colleges and universities, and may be cited by scholars, administrators, and policymakers in their work.

From the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education: 

2019: COACHE Summary Tables 2019: Selected Dimensions of the Faculty Workplace Experience (by Carnegie Classification, Discipline, Rank (with Tenure Status), Race/Ethnicity, and Gender)

2014: Selected Dimensions in Faculty Workplace Climate by Discipline, Race/Ethnicity, and Gender (tenured and pre-tenure faculty)

2013: Data Snapshot: Comparing ladder-rank faculty to full-time, non-tenure track faculty at public research universities (tenured, pre-tenure, and non-tenure-track faculty)

2010: The Experience of Tenure-Track Faculty at Research Universities: Analysis of COACHE Survey Results by Academic Area and Gender (pre-tenure faculty)

2008: Selected Results from the COACHE Tenure-Track Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey (pre-tenure only)

2007: Key Findings: Tenure-Track Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey (pre-tenure only)

2006: Collaborative On Academic Careers in Higher Education: Highlights (pre-tenure only)


From the Study of New Scholars:

Our pilot study produced three statistical reports on job satisfaction among tenure-track faculty:

2004: Gender: Statistical Report from the Study of New Scholars 

2004: Race: Statistical Report from the Study of New Scholars 

2004: Institutional Type: Statistical Report from the Study of New Scholars