For Researchers & Practitioners

If you are an administrator or faculty leader at a COACHE partner institution, let us help you showcase your findings and the innovative policies and practices you have set in motion to respond to your data. Our staff are available to advise you on custom data analysis, to submit proposals, to organize panels, and in some circumstances, to co-present at conferences you wish to attend (e.g., ACE, AAC&U, AIR, APLU, HEDS, CUPA-HR, POD). If you have an idea for using COACHE data or sharing best or promising practices in a conference session, please contact COACHE to start a discussion.

Alternatively, if you are a researcher with interests in the professoriate, academic culture, workplace satisfaction, or related faculty issues, COACHE can assist you through access to our databases of survey results. Many established scholars and promising graduate students have utilized our data in journal publications and in their dissertationsReach out to us to request a COACHE Data Set Application and Restricted Data Use Agreement.