Updates on Data Use and Dissemination: Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

April 16, 2019


As a research-practice partnership, we work to advance scholarship on the professoriate, academic culture, diversity and equity, and related faculty issues by selectively sharing our survey data with established scholars and their doctoral students, many of whom have published journal articles, books and dissertations analyzing COACHE data. With more than a decade passing since Congress has funded a National Survey of Postsecondary Faculty, our data set has become an increasingly valuable tool to understanding full-time postsecondary faculty in the United States.

In 2018, we worked to overhaul our internal processes to make data provisioning faster, easier, and more sustainable over the long-run. COACHE staff worked with Harvard’s Institutional Research Board (IRB) and Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) to develop a consistent process and data use agreement to govern COACHE’s research data sharing activities. With this work completed, we look forward to facilitating new research and new voices on academic culture, faculty diversity, and the professoriate.


Characteristics of the Faculty Job Satisfaction Data Set

In total, the dataset includes information on approximately 70,000 respondents and 74,000 non-respondents of our Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey for an overall response rate of 48.6%. The tables below summarize the potential breadth of our data.

Number of Survey Administrations Number of Institutions
1 108
2 or more 78
Total 186





Carnegie Classification Number of Institutions
Associates 25
Baccalaureate 43
Masters 46
Research 70
Other 2
Total 186







Demographic Category Number of Records
Amer. Indian, Native Alaskan 692
Asian, Asian-Amer., Pac. Isl. 17,140
White (non-Hispanic) 109,802
Black or African-American 6,996
Hispanic or Latinx 5,641
Multiracial 1,406
Other Race/Ethnicity 2,571
Male 86,840
Female 58,175
Total 145,045












To request access to the data set, follow the steps below:

  1. Request an application: Requester must be a faculty member at an accredited institution of higher education. Doctoral students may request data if sponsored by a faculty member.
  2. Describe study and data security: Requester prepares a statement describing the study and plans for data security to meet Harvard standards for high-risk information “level 3”.
  3. Submit data use agreement: Requester’s university and Harvard sign data use agreement governing terms of data release. Requesting faculty member and graduate students also sign Data Use Agreement.


For more information on the data available, opportunities for scholarship, and full application instructions, visit https://coache.gse.harvard.edu/data-requests