Videos & Webinars

An Introduction to COACHE

Want to learn about COACHE? This brief webcast provides an overview of COACHE's work.  For more information or to enroll in COACHE, please email or call 617-495-5285. 



COACHE Survey Ramping Up

Dr. Todd Benson, Associate Director for Surveys and Analysis, hosts webinars for members prior to their survey administration. This brief webcast reviews the best practices for a successful survey launch.  You can schedule a webcast by contacting Please contact Todd Benson for a copy of the COACHE New Member Toolkit.


Using your Unit Data File

Webinars     Making the Most out of Your Record Data File

     Length: 7m 20s


COACHE YouTube Playlist

Our playlist on YouTube features several of our most engaged partners demonstrating how they have made the most of participation in the Collaborative. Click below to start browsing through the clips.