Eligibility & Investment

COACHE invites all public and private non-profit colleges and universities, including community colleges and state systems, to consider participation in our research. Partnership is not a one-year commitment; members of the Collaborative sign on with the expectation of three years (or more) of engagement with our staff and with one other.

The fees to participate in COACHE can depend on several factors. An institution's context--Carnegie Classification, size, and membership in a system or consortium--is the most significant determinant. An institution's cost is also influenced by the timing of the decision to enroll, prior participation in COACHE, a commitment to multiple survey cycles, and new presidents or provosts who are veterans of the project. Finally, survey methodology choices (e.g., the number of custom questions, use of "pass-through variables," and including non-tenure-track faculty) will also be taken into account.

A small college might partner with the Collaborative for a three-year investment of between $5,000/year and $6,000/year. A research university's three-year commitment might be between $9,300/year and $11,700/yearFees may be more or less than these ranges depending on the considerations mentioned above. Our project does all it can to lower the financial barriers to participation, including adjusting the timing of invoices to fit budgetary needs.

Institutions joining solely for participation in the Faculty Retention & Exit Survey pay research fees of $1,500 per institution plus $100 per eligible faculty record.

Ultimately, considering COACHE as an annual, renewing process, fees will always be lower than the search and hiring costs of replacing even one tenure-stream faculty member whom your institution might otherwise have kept, and kept satisfied.

To determine the best considerations for their institutions, administrators and faculty leaders are encouraged to start the conversation with our team by calling (617) 495-5285 or emailing coache@gse.harvard.edu.