Already known to more than 250 colleges, universities, community colleges and state systems, the value of engaging COACHE reaches beyond our satisfaction data and benchmarking reports. Our research-practice partnership also provides a structured and supported process designed to strengthen participants' capacity to identify drivers of faculty vitality and implement informed changes. COACHE partnership includes:


  • in one or both of COACHE's diagnostic programs, with the process fully managed by our staff:

  • in COACHE strategy sessions at the conferences where senior academic leaders convene (e.g., APLU, AAC&U, ACE, POD, system and consortia meetings);
  • as a panelist or co-presenter at such events and other major conferences
  • in leadership development programs offered by the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education at HGSE.

Institutional reports:

  • designed to be a management tool for faculty affairs, providing internal and external benchmarks and data on actionable matters;
  • presented in simple prose, as well as in tables, charts, and intuitive visual displays;
  • disaggregated by gender, race/ethnicity, tenure status, rank (where applicable), academic area and, for returning members, changes over time;
  • with statistical comparisons to national results and select peer groups;
  • including comments by faculty in response to open-ended questions; and
  • accompanied by a unit-record data file (with acceptance of IRB-approved terms of confidentiality).
  • Click here for more information about COACHE institutional reports, or click here for links to the actual reports of COACHE partners.


  • to our researchers for consultation on effective dissemination and engagement strategies, as well as ideas for policy and program improvement;
  • to COACHE news briefs on exemplary practices from high-performing members and insights into important trends revealed by our analysis of aggregate results; and
  • to early editions of COACHE's other research, e.g., studies of Gen X faculty, shared governance, exemplary campuses, etc.

Additional support on a fee-for-service basis, such as:

  • site visits by COACHE’s senior leadership to facilitate board conversations, deans' councils, chairs’ workshops, and/or faculty focus groups; and
  • custom reporting across variables of local or task-specific importance, e.g., STEM fields by gender, race, and rank.

Our partners also describe participation in terms of intangible benefits:

  • Participation in COACHE sends a signal to faculty that their institutions care about the issues they face.
  • The results inspires data-driven discussions and decision-making among academic leadership and motivates significant and targeted changes in policy and practice.
  • Our reports and consultations inform targeted efforts to resolve the concerns of particular populations (e.g., women, men, faculty of color) or particular disciplines (e.g., the sciences, humanities, professional schools) through the redistribution of institutional resources.
  • COACHE partnership provides a powerful lever to achieve a competitive advantage in the recruitment, retention and success of faculty. For example, the results of the survey can be used as a tool in faculty searches and can prompt modifications in recruitment and retention strategies.

Watch and listen to COACHE partners describe their experiences in their own words. Then, contact us for a research briefing, introductory webcast, or to enroll your institution in the Collaborative.