Achieving Equity & Diversity in Faculty Recruitment: Research & Practice


Friday, April 26, 2019, 8:00am to 5:00pm


University of California, Davis
This conference, hosted by the NSF-funded Evaluating Equity in Faculty Recruitment (EEFR) project, will convene researchers, faculty, and administrators seeking to ensure excellence, equity and diversity in faculty recruitment to:
  • share insights from empirical studies of the factors that may generate inequalities in faculty recruitment and interventions aimed at increasing equity;
  • explore strategies for translating the empirical evidence into actionable policies and practices for faculty hiring;
  • facilitate on-going communication among the members of the national community focused on building an excellent, diverse and inclusive academy.

All interested researchers, faculty, and administrators are invited to attend.

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About the Evaluating Equity in Faculty Recruitment Project

This NSF-funded Evaluating Equity in Faculty Recruitment (EEFR) project investigates the factors that generate disparities in hiring by gender and race/ethnicity through the construction and analysis of a unique database about the faculty recruitment process. The EEFR data compiles information from the online recruitment management system used by all ten UC campuses, including both structured data from the administrative system and unstructured data from the documents uploaded to the system, e.g., the applicants’ CVs and the letters of recommendation, during the application and evaluation process. Analyses of the EEFR dataset focus on measuring the prevalence, magnitude, correlates and consequences of inequalities in academic hiring processes.