Seminar on Leadership of the Faculty: A COACHE Program at the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education


Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (All day) to Friday, August 17, 2018 (All day)


Cambridge, MA

Save the date for the return of the COACHE Leaders Workshop as a newly-imagined program for Chief Academic Officers and their direct reports responsible for management of the faculty enterprise. In this 3.5-day seminar, COACHE will convene these practitioners with scholars of the professoriate for an exchange of the latest research and strategies for faculty engagement, renewal and success. The program is open to all CAOs and their seniormost faculty affairs leaders, not only from COACHE partner institutions (although COACHE partner will enjoy a reduced tuition and additional benefits). 

Curricular Overview:

Day 1:

Arrival, registration, introductions, and presentation of this year's thematic framework by Kiernan Mathews, Faculty Chair.

Day 2:

Adrianna Kezar (University of Southern California) will engage participants in strategies aimed at change efforts in support of all faculty; explore policies and practices that better support contingent faculty, in particular; and stimulate ideas for reconfiguring today’s traditional faculty roles into new faculty models.

Day 3:

KerryAnn O’Meara (University of Maryland) will help participants examine how faculty work is taken up, assigned, and rewarded; develop solutions, strategies, and evidence-based practices that take on the thorniest equity challenges directly; and draft and gain consensus on policies and practices to make faculty work more visible, accountable, and credited.

Day 4:

Jerlando Jackson (University of Wisconsin) will work with participants on effectively leading diverse teams in the academy, especially when faculty are involved, to maximize institutional goals and outcomes; he will also discuss strategies for harnessing existing diversity among the academic workforce and cultivating new avenues to increase diversity.


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