Faculty Steering Committee

Keith Collar

Associate Dean for Planning and Outreach, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Ex Officio, Faculty Steering Committee
Monica Higgins

Monica Higgins

Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education (Harvard faculty representative)

MBA, Dartmouth College; PhD, Harvard University

Monica joined the Harvard faculty in 1995 and is a professor of education at the Harvard Graduate...

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Richard Light

Richard Light

Faculty Steering Committee Chair
Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr. Professor of Teaching and Learning , Harvard Graduate School of Education and Harvard Kennedy School Adjunct Faculty
Director, Harvard Seminar on Assessment

PhD, Harvard University

Richard Light is the Carl H. Pforzheimer Jr. Professor of Teaching and Learning at Harvard Graduate School of Education. His...

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Judith McLaughlin

Judith McLaughlin

Senior Lecturer on Education
Faculty Director, Higher Education Program
Educational Chair, Harvard Seminar for New Presidents

Ed.D., Harvard University

Judith Block McLaughlin's work focuses on leadership and governance in higher education. As educational chair of the...

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Joseph Zolner

Joseph Zolner

Lecturer on Education
Senior Director of Higher Education Programs, Programs in Professional Education

Ed.D., Harvard University

Joseph P. Zolner is a lecturer on education, senior director of programs, and senior director of the Harvard Institutes for...

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Why Join COACHE?

With partnership, COACHE provides a survey and diagnostic report, along with regular consultations to senior academic leaders on how to make meaning and take action from the data.  Enrollment in COACHE is open to two and four-year colleges, universities and state university systems. Space, however, is limited in each academic year.